Recent Decisions

Recent Decisions

As required by CEA and U.S. Department of Education policy, accreditation decisions must be made public.  The following decisions were made at the December 2014 Commission meeting.

Eligibility Withdrawn
  • International Language Training Institute (ILTI)
Denied accreditation (appealable)
  • Intensive English Program, Institute for Health Education
Accreditation Expired
  • Uceda School of Elizabeth, NJ

The following decisions were made at the August 2014 Commission meeting. These decisions are reflected in the complete list of CEA accredited programs and institutions.

Granted 10-year re-accreditation
  • ESOL Department, Lone Star College-CyFair, TX, USA
  • Intensive English Communication Program, Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA
  • Intensive English Program, Al Akhawayn University, Morocco
  • Intensive English Program, American University of Kuwait, Kuwait
  • Intensive English Program, Georgia State University, GA, USA
  • Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute, WA, USA
  • Spring International Language Center- Denver, CO, USA
  • Spring International Language Center- Littleton, CO, USA
  • Spring International Language Center- University of Arkansas, AR, USA
  • St. Giles International San Francisco, CA, USA
Granted 9-year continued re-accreditation
  • English Language Programs and Accelerated Certificate Program in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, University of California, Irvine Extension, CA, USA
Granted 5-year initial accreditation
  • Bergen County Career Advancement Training, NJ, USA
  • Language Pacifica, CA, USA
  • Optimus Language School, CA, USA
  • Orlando Language School, FL, USA
Granted 4-year continued initial accreditation
  • A.C.E Language Institute at Montana State University, MT, USA
  • Bell Language School, NY, USA
  • C.C.B. School of Atlanta, GA, USA
  • English Language Institute, Stephen F. Austin State University, TX, USA
  • English as a Second Language International (ESLI) at McNeese State University, LA, USA
  • English as a Second Language International (ESLI) at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, TX, USA
  • English as a Second Language International (ESLI) at West Texas A&M University, TX, USA
  • English as a Second Language International (ESLI) at Western Kentucky University, KY, USA
  • Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano (ICPNA) Binational Center (BNC) Peru, Peru
  • ILSC New York, NY, USA
  • International Educational Center, IL, USA
  • International Mid Pac College, HI, USA
  • Mentora College, Washington, DC, USA
  • Mountain Language Institute, CO, USA
  • Selnate International School, UT, USA
Granted 1-year re-accreditation
  • Academic and Test Preparation Program, San Jose State University, CA, USA
  • Center for English as a Second Language, Southern Illinois University, IL, USA
  • English Language Program, Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute, National Capital Region, VA, USA
  • Hellenic American Union Center for Applied Linguistics and Language Studies, Greece
Granted 1-year initial accreditation
  • Language On, FL, USA
  • Madison English as a Second Language School, WI, USA
  • Nile Language School, NJ, USA
  • Tampa Language Center, FL, USA
Granted initial accreditation through April 2016
  • American Language Academy, California, CA, USA
  • American Language Academy, Lincoln Memorial University, TN, USA
  • ESLI at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, IL, USA
  • ESLI at the University of Wisconsin Superior, WI, USA
  • Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute at Radford University, VA, USA
Denied accreditation (appealable)
  • Albert Career School, PA, USA
  • International Language Training Institute, NY, USA
Denied re-accreditation (appealable)
  • Internexus Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Denied continued initial accreditation (appealable)
  • Internexus Provo, UT, USA
Appeals Update
  • Interlink Language Center at West Chester University – denial upheld

More information about denials and site responses are available at Denial Actions.

Accreditation Expired
  • USC Language Academy, University of Southern California, CA, USA