CEA Accredited Programs and Institutions

CEA accredits both English language programs within colleges and universities as well as independent language schools. A school's affiliation is listed as the name of the university or college where it is located or as "independent" for stand-alone language schools. You can sort the list by clicking on any column title below. Or you can click on the search link to search for a word or phrase in any of the columns.

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Current as of the April 2017 Commission meeting.

Site ID Program/Institution Affiliation Location Website Next Review
0182 Selnate International School Independent Utah, USA Website 08/31/2018
0185 ESL-Plus Course of Study Spanish American Institute New York, USA Website 12/31/2017
0186 English Language Institute Stephen F. Austin State University Texas, USA Website 08/31/2018
0188 English Learning Academy Arkansas State University Arkansas, USA Website 12/01/2017
0190 UCEDA International New Brunswick Independent New Jersey, USA Website 12/31/2018
0193 Intensive English Language Program University of Findlay Ohio, USA Website 04/30/2019
0194 Intensive English Program Utah Valley University Utah, USA Website 04/30/2018
0195 Yanbu English Language Institute Yanbu Industrial College Saudi Arabia Website 08/30/2017
0196 English Preparatory Class Yasar University Turkey Website 12/31/2026
0197 INTERLINK Language Center at Montana State University Independent Montana, USA Website 08/31/2018
0198 The ESL School at NYFA Independent California, USA Website 12/31/2018
0199 ILSC New York Independent New York, USA Website 08/31/2018
0200 Bell Language School Independent New York, USA Website 08/31/2018
0201 ASC English School Independent Massachusetts, USA Website 12/31/2018
0202 Intercultural Institute of California Independent California, USA Website 12/31/2018