Special site visits

 11. Special site visits

11.1. Types of special site visits
11.2. Policies for scheduling special site visits
11.3. Fees for special site visits

11.    Special site visits

11.1.    Types of special site visits

CEA may schedule a special site visit related to the following events

a.    accreditation decisions, including as part of one-year or continued accreditation, deferral of an accreditation, or accreditation of an additional branch

b.    compliance with reporting requirements, including as part of a substantive change or as part of the review of the Interim Report

c.    an investigation or other part of a warning, probation, show cause, or withdrawal of accreditation action

d.    investigation of a complaint or investigation of information which indicates that a site is out of compliance with CEA Standards or policies

e.    any other event deemed by the Commission or executive director to warrant a special site visit

11.2.    Policies for scheduling special site visits

CEA’s practice is to schedule site visits in cooperation with and at the convenience of the program or institution.  Announced special site visits will be preceded by a letter to the site specifying the purpose(s) of the visit, policies underpinning the visit, procedures related to the visit and any subsequent reporting, and logistical details.  

However, CEA reserves the right to conduct an unannounced special site visit at the discretion of the executive director or the Commission, when deemed necessary,  including to ensure ongoing compliance with CEA’s standards or policies or to investigate information received from any source that may affect a site’s accreditation status.  Unannounced visits will be documented and the site will be required to respond to any findings.

11.3.    Fees for special site visits

Fees for special site visits are stated on the published Fee Schedule.

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