Amendments to the CEA Policies and Procedures

21. Amendments to the CEA Policies and Procedures

21.1. Maintenance
21.2. Review
21.3. Amendments
21.4. Approval
21.5. Distribution

21.    Amendments to the CEA Policies and Procedures

21.1.    Maintenance

The CEA Policies and Procedures will be maintained in compliance with U.S. Department of Education regulations regarding accrediting institutions and the requirements of the Department of Homeland Security for institutions issuing the Form I-20.  Any proposed revisions that affect Department criteria for recognition will be submitted to the Department for review prior to adoption.

21.2.    Review

The Policies and Procedures Committee will review the document as needed throughout the year, with a formal review taking place annually prior to the December Commission meeting.  Non-substantive changes such as those which improve clarity will be made by the Policies and Procedures Committee and reported to the Commission chair, who will review and approve them.  Should the chair determine that the changes are in fact substantive, the chair will require that the changes be addressed as substantive changes as outlined in relevant procedures.

21.3.    Amendments

Committee chairs, the Executive Committee, the Constituent Council, and the executive director may propose amendments to the CEA Policies and Procedures. Proposed amendments for substantive changes are submitted to the Policies and Procedures Committee for initial review.  The committee prepares a recommendation for adoption of the changes, to be presented to the Commission chair for review by the Executive Committee.  

21.4.    Approval

The Commission chair and executive director present recommended amendments for discussion at the next meeting of the Commission.  The Commission must approve any substantive change to the document.  

21.5.    Distribution

The CEA Policies and Procedures are available to the public on the CEA website.  Substantive changes will be announced to members of the Constituent Council, programs and institutions in the process of seeking accreditation, and reviewers.  The revised document will be posted to the CEA website for public reference within 30 days of approval of the change.

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