Standards Review Project 2015

Throughout 2013 and 2014, the Standards Review Committee followed its established cycle and reviewed the following standards: Student Achievement, Length and Structure, Curriculum (2013) and Administrative and Fiscal Capacity, Program Developing, Planning, and Review, Recruiting, and Student Services (2014). Some general edits were approved by the Commission in December 2013, and an SRC Task Force was struck at that time for in-depth revision of four topics in the areas of Student Achievement, Length and Structure, Curriculum, as well as the Glossary and Appendix A. The SRC Task Force completed its work by June 2014, and the Commission ratified changes at the December 2014 meeting after public comment on the proposed revisions. Note that the intent of the current standards has not been changed and the newly adopted changes represent improvements in clarity and editorial coherence throughout the document. 

More information about the process of standards revision culminating in the 2015 CEA Standards for Language Programs and Institutions can be found in the following sources: 

Standards Review Timeline 2013-2015
Standards Review Committee Public Comment Impact Statement
CEA Standards Revision Summary Presentation
CEA Standards Redline Document
Topic Briefs

Accredited sites are subject to the standards in place at the time they attend an accreditation workshop, or the standards in place at the time they submit an Interim Report. CEA Staff will clarify which iteration of the standards are to be used by sites and by review teams.