Recent Decisions

As required by CEA and U.S. Department of Education policy, accreditation decisions must be made public. Decisions which appear below and in the Archive of Recent Decisions are reflected in the complete list of CEA accredited programs and institutions.

The following decisions were made at the August 2018 Commission meeting.

Granted five-year initial accreditation
Durham Technical Community College English for Academic Purposes Program- Durham, NC (programmatic)
Midwestern Career College English as a Second Language Program- Chicago, IL (programmatic)
MILO International Language Center- Weston, FL (institutional)
ON Language- Gainesville, GA (institutional)
University of Missouri Intensive English Program- Columbia, MO (programmatic)
University of North Carolina Charlotte English Language Training Institute- Charlotte, NC (programmatic)

Granted one-year initial accreditation
ACES Learning Center- Austin, TX (institutional)

Granted four-year continued initial accreditation
Arkansas Tech University English Language Institute- Russellville, AR (programmatic)
Ferris State University West Michigan English Language Institute (WMELI)- Big Rapids, MI (programmatic)
University of Tabuk Department of Languages and Translation English Language Program- Tabuk, Saudi Arabia (general)
Virginia International University Seven-week Intensive English Program- Fairfax, VA (programmatic)

Granted continued initial accreditation of an additional branch location
INTERLINK Language Center at St. Ambrose University- Davenport, IA (institutional) (through December 2021)
Internexus Orlando- Orlando, FL (institutional) (through August 2021)

Granted ten-year reaccreditation
Bell Language School- Brooklyn, NY (institutional)
C.C.B. School of Atlanta- Duluth, GA (institutional)
Educational and Cultural Interactions / Randall University- Moore, OK (institutional)
Educational and Cultural Interactions/ University of Dallas- Irving, TX (institutional)
Global ESL Academy- Flushing, NY (institutional)
GT Educational Center- Chicago, IL (institutional)
Gulf University for Science and Technology English Foundation Unit- Hawally, Kuwait (general)
Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano (ICPNA) Lima- Lima, Peru (general)
INTERLINK Language Center at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro- Greensboro, NC (institutional)
International Academy of English Las Vegas East- Las Vegas, NV (institutional)
International Academy of English Las Vegas West- Las Vegas, NV (institutional)
International Academy of English San Diego- San Diego, CA (institutional)
International Educational Center - Glenview- Glenview, IL (institutional)
INTO Oregon State University Academic English Program- Corvallis, OR (programmatic)
University of Nevada Reno Intensive English Language Center- Reno, NV (programmatic)

Granted one-year reaccreditation
INTERLINK Language Center at Indiana State University- Terre Haute, IN (institutional)
Mentora College - Washington, DC (institutional)

Granted nine-year continued re-accreditation
Ball State University Intensive English Institute- Muncie, IN (programmatic)
California State University, Long Beach American Language Institute Intensive English Program- Long Beach, CA (programmatic)
Drexel University English Language Center Intensive English Program and International Gateway Program- Philadelphia, PA (programmatic)
University at Buffalo, State University of New York English Language Institute Intensive English Program- Buffalo, NY (programmatic)
Western Illinois University English As a Second Language (WESL) Program- Macomb, IL (programmatic)


Acceptance of notifications
Following CEA’s policies and procedures, the full Commission is required to review and accept actions which are not accreditation decisions.


Voluntary withdrawal from accreditation
University of Maine Intensive English Institute- Orono, ME (programmatic)

Voluntary withdrawal from accreditation (closure)
Austin Language Learning School (ALLS)- Austin, TX (institutional)
FLS International at Tennessee Tech University- Cookeville, TN (institutional)

Removal from probation
Language Exchange International- Boca Raton, FL (institutional)


Acknowledgement of Executive Committee actions
The Commission was notified of and voted to accept the following Executive Committee actions taken on behalf of the full Commission in the period between meetings.

Voluntary withdrawal from accreditation
Ashland University ACCESS Program- Ashland, OH (programmatic)

Voluntary withdrawal from accreditation (closure)
LCI (Language Consultants International) Roanoke- Salem, VA (institutional)
INTERLINK Language Center at Valparaiso University – Valparaiso, IN (institutional)


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