Recent Decisions

As required by CEA and U.S. Department of Education policy, accreditation decisions must be made public. Decisions which appear below and in the Archive of Recent Decisions are reflected in the complete list of CEA accredited programs and institutions.

The following decisions were made at the April 2019 Commission meeting.

One-year initial accreditation
ESL Academy- Charlestown, MA (institutional)
Kuwait International Law School (KiLAW) Department of English pre-LLB English Language Program- Doha City, Kuwait (general)

Initial accreditation of an additional branch location through December 2020
Inlingua Orlando- Orlando, FL (institutional)

4-year continued initial accreditation
Northern Border University Department of English Language Skills Preparatory Year Intensive English Program- Arar, Saudi Arabia (general)

Continued initial accreditation of an additional branch location through April 2022
Internexus Los Angeles- Culver City, CA (institutional)

Ten-year reaccreditation
Eastern Michigan University English as a Second Language Program- Ypsilanti, MI (programmatic)
inlingua Princeton- Princeton, NJ (institutional)
Intercultural Institute of California- San Francisco, CA (institutional)
New York Language Center Jackson Heights- Jackson Heights, NY (institutional)
New York Language Center Midtown- New York, NY (institutional)
New York Language Center Upper West Side (Broadway)- New York, NY (institutional)
Qatar University Foundation Program Department of English- Doha, Qatar (general)
Uceda School of Boca Raton, FL- Boca Raton, FL (institutional)
Uceda School of Orlando I, FL (Semoran)- Orlando, FL (institutional)
Uceda School of Orlando II, FL (OBT)- Orlando, FL (institutional)
Uceda School of West Palm Beach- West Palm Beach, FL (institutional)
University of Alabama at Birmingham Academic English Program- Birmingham, AL (programmatic)
University of Findlay Intensive English Language Program- Findlay, OH (programmatic)

One-year reaccreditation
English Language and Culture Institute Albany- Albany, OR (institutional)
George Mason University Academic English Program and Workplace English Program- Fairfax, VA (programmatic)
Hancock International College- Irvine, CA (institutional)
Los Angeles Pacific College English as a Second Language Program- Los Angeles, CA (programmatic)
POLY Languages Institute at Irvine- Irvine, CA (institutional)
POLY Languages Institute at Los Angeles- Los Angeles, CA (institutional)
POLY Languages Institute at Pasadena- Pasadena, CA (institutional)

Nine-year continued reaccreditation
Oxford International/Eurocentres San Diego (formerly International Educational Services/Eurocentres San Diego)- San Diego, CA (institutional)
Sacred Heart University English Language Institute Intensive English Program-Fairfield, CT (programmatic)
University of Texas at Arlington English Language Institute English for Academic Purposes Program- Arlington, TX (programmatic)
Washington State University Intensive American Language Center Main Academic English Program- Pullman, WA (programmatic)

Deferral of accreditation decision
Internexus Indiana- Indianapolis, IN (institutional)
Main Street Schoolhouse Language Institute- Hamilton, OH (institutional)

Expiration of term of accreditation
inlingua Florida Orlando- Orlando, FL (institutional)
inlingua Metro New York Manhattan- New York, NY (institutional)
inlingua Metro New York Ridgewood- Ridgewood, NJ (institutional)
inlingua Metro New York Summit- Summit, NJ (institutional)

Withdrawal of accreditation
American Language Communication Center- New York, NY (institutional) eff. 4/5/2019

Placed on probation
Internexus Orlando- Orlando, FL (institutional)

Note: The following decisions were made at the May 2019 Commission meeting.

Four-year continued initial accreditation
Main Street Schoolhouse Language Institute – Hamilton, OH (institutional)


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ESLi (English as a Second Language International) at West Texas A&M University- Canyon, TX (institutional)
PACE (Professional and Collegiate English) International Academy- Orem, UT (institutional)