Recent Decisions

As required by CEA and U.S. Department of Education policy, accreditation decisions must be made public. Decisions which appear below and in the Archive of Recent Decisions are reflected in the complete list of CEA accredited programs and institutions.  The following decisions were made at the December 2019 Commission meeting.

Five-year initial accreditation
Zoni Language Centers - Brooklyn- Brooklyn, NY (institutional)
Zoni Language Centers - Elizabeth- Elizabeth, NJ (institutional)
Zoni Language Centers - Flushing- Flushing, NY (institutional)
Zoni Language Centers - Jackson Heights- Jackson Heights, NY (institutional)
Zoni Language Centers - Manhattan- New York, NY (institutional)
Zoni Language Centers - Passaic- Passaic , NJ (institutional)
Zoni Language Centers - West New York- West New York, NJ (institutional)

One-year initial accreditation
ABA Language Institute- Melrose Park, PA (institutional)
High Expectations- Malden, MA (institutional)
Notre Dame of Maryland University English Language Institute- Baltimore, MD (programmatic)
Trinity International College- Irvine, CA (institutional)

Initial accreditation of an additional branch location through August 2021
American National English Language Institute (ANELI) Manassas- Manassas, VA (institutional)

Four-year continued initial accreditation
University of Mississippi Intensive English Program- University, MS (programmatic)

Continued initial accreditation of an additional branch location
CAMPUS Education Downtown- New York, NY (institutional) through April 2023
New Jersey English Center- Jersey City, NJ (institutional) through April 2023
Open Hearts Language Academy - Boca Raton- Coconut Creek, FL (institutional) through December 2022

Ten-year reaccreditation
American Language Center- Huntingdon Valley, PA (institutional)
Aviator College of Aeronautical Science and Technology Aviation English Program- Fort Pierce, FL (institutional)
Bergen County Career Advancement Training, Inc. (BCCAT)- S. Hackensack, NJ (institutional)
CAMPUS Education Flushing- Flushing, NY (institutional)
CAMPUS Education Jersey City- Jersey City, NJ (institutional)
CAMPUS Education Manhattan- New York, NY (institutional)
CAMPUS Education Palisades Park- Palisades Park, NJ (institutional)
Gallaudet University English Language Institute- Washington, DC (programmatic)
Orlando Language School- Orlando, FL (institutional)
Showa Boston Institute for Language and Culture- Boston, MA (institutional)
University of Michigan-Dearborn English Language Proficiency Program- Dearborn, MI (programmatic)

One-year reaccreditation
English as a Second Language International (ESLi) at the University of Minnesota Duluth- Duluth, MN (institutional)
Language Exchange International- Boca Raton, FL (institutional)
Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico (UNAM - San Antonio)- San Antonio, TX (institutional)

Nine-year continued reaccreditation
ASC English School- Boston, MA (institutional)
Atlanta English Institute- Atlanta, GA (institutional)
Evergreen Academy- Annandale, VA (institutional)
Intercultural Communications College- Honolulu , HI (institutional)
Nomen Global Language Centers- Provo, UT (institutional)

Voluntary withdrawal from accreditation (closure)
The Commission voted to accept the notifications of voluntary withdrawal from accreditation of the following sites.

St Giles San Francisco- San Francisco, CA (institutional)
Virginia Polytechnic and Technical State University Northern Capital Region Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute (VTLCI) Intensive English Program- Falls Church, VA (programmatic)

Acknowledgement of Executive Committee actions
The Commission was notified of and voted to accept the following Executive Committee actions taken on behalf of the full Commission in the period between meetings.

Voluntary withdrawal from accreditation
Creighton University Intensive English Language Institute (IELI)- Omaha, NE (programmatic) - eff. 9/29/2019

Voluntary withdrawal from accreditation (closure)
INTERLINK International Institute at Indiana State University- Terre Haute, IN (institutional) – eff. 10/21/2019

Executive Committee actions
The following notifications of voluntary withdrawal from accreditation were accepted by the Executive Committee, which performs certain actions on behalf of the full Commission in the interim period between meetings.

Voluntary withdrawal from accreditation
Michigan Technological University Intensive English as a Second Language Program- Houghton, MI (programmatic) – eff. 3/15/2020
University of Tulsa English Institute for International Students (EIIS) Intensive English Program- Tulsa, OK (programmatic) - eff. 2/27/2020
Western Washington University Intensive English Program- Bellingham,WA (programmatic) - eff. 2/27/2020

Voluntary withdrawal from accreditation (closure)
International Christian Institute and Linguistics School- Houston, TX (institutional) - eff. 2/27/2020
LAL Fort Lauderdale- Fort Lauderdale, FL (institutional) – eff. 3/1/2020



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 Denial Actions contains information about denials and site responses.


ESLi (English as a Second Language International) at West Texas A&M University- Canyon, TX (institutional)
PACE (Professional and Collegiate English) International Academy- Orem, UT (institutional)