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In order to maintain accredited status, all accredited programs and institutions are required to submit an Annual Report to CEA. The 2024 Annual Report is due February 15, 2024.


2024 Materials Expected November 2024.


Commission on English Language Program Accreditation 2021-2025 Strategic Plan PDF 

Thanks to reviewers, staff, specialized contractors, and former and current commissioners who have provided input through interviews and focus groups.

When a change is under consideration, CEA staff should be consulted to determine whether it is a substantive or minor change and whether a substantive change report must be filed, and to assess how the change will affect the program or institution in terms of meeting the CEA Standards. Please contact Masha Vassilieva, Director of Compliance at or (703) 665-3400.

The types of substantive changes that must be reported prior to the change taking place include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Any change in ownership, legal status or form of control, including a change in the relationship with departments within a host institution (must be submitted 30 days prior to the change of ownership or change of control)
  2. The acquisition of any other institution, or program or location of another institution
  3. The addition of a permanent location at a site at which the institution is conducting a teach-out for students of another institution that has ceased operating before students have completed their program of study
  4. Any change in mission
  5. Any change in location or the addition of an auxiliary location
  6. Any change in the type of students served (academic to nonacademic, for example)
  7. Any change in Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) certification
  8. The addition of courses that represent a significant departure, in terms of either content or method of delivery, from those offered during the most recent accreditation evaluation, including distance education
  9. The addition of courses or programs at a level below or a level above those included in the program or institution’s current accreditation
  10. A change in the means for determining student hours and/or a substantial increase or decrease in the number of clock or credit hours awarded for the successful completion of any program of study
  11. A substantial increase or decrease in the length of the program
  12. A change in resources that would affect the program or institution’s ability to provide its services

2023 CEA Substantive Change Reporting Guidelines

The Standards Review Committee is charged with reviewing the CEA Standards on a regular cycle to ensure they are clear, comprehensive, and current.  Selected summaries of past review activities of the Standards Review Committee, detailing changes to the CEA Standards, including mark-ups with explanations of changes, are available on CEA’s standards review projects webpage.