CEA April 2009 Meeting

The Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) met April 24th -26th, 2009. This message includes information on decisions made at that meeting and a list of programs and schools that will be reviewed at the next meeting, August 7th -9th of this year.

Accreditation Decisions
The following are decisions the Commission may make:

  • For initial accreditation, the Commission may grant 5-year accreditation to programs in compliance with the CEA Standards or one-year accreditation to programs that substantially meet the standards but need to address minor standards-related deficiencies.
  • Programs granted one-year initial accreditation are granted 4-year continued accreditation if the deficiencies are corrected.
  • For re-accreditation, the Commission may grant 10-year re-accreditation to programs that fully meet the standards or one-year re-accreditation to programs that have standards-related deficiencies that may be met in one year.
  • Programs granted one-year re-accreditation may be granted 9-year continued accreditation if the deficiencies are corrected.

In accordance with Section 602.26 of the U.S. Secretary of Education's Recognition of Accrediting Agencies (effective July 1, 2000), notice is hereby given of the following decisions made by the Commission at its April meeting.

Granted one-year initial accreditation
Intensive English and Culture Program, Penn State University
Intensive English Program, Wilkes University
Intensive English Program, Virginia Tech’s Northern Virginia Center
Mukogawa Fort-Wright Institute

Granted 4-year continued accreditation
Intensive English Program, Saint Michael’s College

Granted 9-year continued accreditation
Washington State University, Intensive American Language Center
English Language Institute at the University of South Florida

Granted 10-year re-accreditation
Center for English as a Second Language, University of Arizona

Granted one-year re-accreditation
inlingua Language Center

Notice of Upcoming Accreditation Reviews
In accordance with regulations of the U.S. Department of Education, CEA must provide an opportunity for input from the community of interest prior to making final decisions on any candidate program or institution. Voluntary comments may support or question a site’s compliance with the CEA Standards for English Language Program Accreditation. Comments, which should be signed and mailed to the address below, will be reviewed by the Commission at its August 7-9, 2009, meeting.

The following sites will be reviewed for initial accreditation:

  • American Cultural Exchange, Seattle Pacific University
  • American Cultural Exchange, Montana State University
  • Center for Applied Linguistics and Language Studies, Hellenic-American Union, Athens
  • Center for English as a Second Language, Southern Illinois University
  • English Language Program, Kansas State University
  • ESL Department , Lone Star College, Cy Fair
  • Intensive English Program, American University of Kuwait
  • Intensive English Program, Georgia State University
  • International Academy of English
  • Spring International Language Center, Arapahoe
  • Spring International Language Center, Auraria
  • Spring International Language Center, University of Arkansas
  • St. Giles College
  • Studies in American Language, San Jose State University
  • USC Language Academy, University of Southern California

If you have any questions about CEA or about this notice, please contact Terry O’Donnell, Executive Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..